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Idaho Democrat, by Tony Park. November 2021. 181 pgs. Softcover. ISBN 0-945648-52-9. $16.95.

From the introduction:

This is primarily a political memoir of a political life. It is not, and doesn’t pretend to be, an exhaustive examination of my life history. There are some personal vignettes, which add context, if nothing else. But my purpose in this endeavor is to demonstrate through my personal experiences and progression how the Idaho political landscape—particularly regarding Democrats—has changed in the latter half of the twentieth century and early twenty-first century, despite the fact that many issues so important to Democrats, such as taking care of working people, the environment, the problems with one-party rule, etc., are as urgent now as they were when I got my start. – Tony Park

“An illuminating and insightful look at the Democratic landscape in Idaho over the past 50 years. Tony Park’s memoir chronicles, and is sure to inspire, the dedication and commitment required for leaders of the future. — Cherie Buckner-Webb, former Idaho state senator

“This book is a lot like Tony Park himself—smart, insightful, and gracious. Chock full of stories from Idaho’s political front lines, it proves you can live a full life and never lose faith in the highest ideals of the Democratic Party.” —  David Bieter, former Boise mayor

“An Idaho Democrat provides an entertaining and illuminating behind-the-scenes picture of when Idaho was blessed with great leaders such as Cecil Andrus, Frank Church, John Evans and Park himself. As Idaho veers further into right-wing extremism, this book provides the history of how we got here and offers hope for a return to the glory days of balanced, responsible government.”  —  Ilana Rubel, Idaho House of Representatives minority leader

“Tony Park, an unapologetic Idaho liberal, sets an inspiring example for all Democrats, surprising readers with unexpected anecdotes and personal reflections from his 50+ years of public engagement and service.” — Larry LaRocco, former Idaho congressman

“Insightful and engrossing, an important participant’s reflections on Idaho politics and players.” — Dan Williams, former Idaho congressional candidate.

“Tony Park brings to life the history of Idaho Democratic politics and its key players as only someone who lived it and knew them can.” – Steve Berch, Idaho state representative

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