How to sell your book


WHAT SELLS BOOKS: Which Strategy Works for Your Book?
by Randy Stapilus
Ridenbaugh Press
310 pages, 115,000 words.

The strategies you need
to sell your book

Book marketing ideas are all over the web – in books, booklets, articles, offers, bargains, come-ons, even a few scams. But which will sell your book? Every book needs its own sales strategy.

Through almost 30 years as a publisher, I’ve watched book marketing transform through successive sea changes. Several years ago, feeling overwhelmed by the mass of changes and options, I began to research what works and what doesn’t – now. In the fall of 2013 I also began writing regularly for Bookworks (tied to the publishing trade magazine Publishers Weekly), a national association aimed at helping self-publishers. And answers emerged.

What I’ve learned is here in What Sells Books, 310 pages (115,000 words).

  • How to effectively market books spending little or no money.
  • What works and what doesn’t: Even free approaches are wasteful if they sell no books.
  • The best options and approaches from book conception, research, writing, and editing to beyond release.
  • How to use these many tools, from social media to Amazon to giveaways to generating word of mouth.
  • What has a proven track record – what authors and publishers do that works for them, in first-person accounts – and what doesn’t work, and when and why.
  • What works no longer, and what does work now.

There is no silver bullet for book bestsellerdom. If there were, we’d all be use it. But excellent sales tools, some obscure and others well known (but often misused) are available. Everything useful I know about them is in What Sells Books.

Get your copy today and build the sales strategy your book deserves.

Inside the book


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About the Author


Randy Stapilus is the author of about two dozen books and publisher at Ridenbaugh Press, which he founded.

Beginning with Paradox Politics in 1988, he has produced many more books both by himself and others. Operations expanded sharply thereafter with the arrival of print on demand options that were both technically and financially practical. In all he has published about 50 books.

In 2013 he became a regular writer for BookWorks, the association aimed at assisting independent authors and publishers, tied to the book publishing trade magazine Publishers Weekly.

He also is a regional newspaper columnist (a former newspaper reporter and editor) and publisher of periodicals on public affairs and water rights. Stapilus lives in Carlton, Oregon, with his wife, Linda (who has edited many of Ridenbaugh’s books), and varying numbers of canines.


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